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1 Day at Montupet

The guys have been busy removing corundum growth from an Aluminium Furnance. A furnace they were about to get rid of, but through some quality removal and hard work the guys brought the furnace back to life and into production again for the client. Check out the results!

No Piece Too Big, No Piece Too Small

The last few weeks have been hectic for us, constant streams of orders (not that were complaining), below are the 2 most recent orders that have been casted and dried out for 2 separate companies. As we work with a range of companies, each order we complete is unique in size and specific to that…

Welcome to our website!

It has taking us a while to get it up and running as we have been so busy with other projects- we will fill you in on what all we have been up to soon! But in the mean time, have a read through our website, we welcome your feedback! If there is anything you…