Refractory Installation

Pre cast refractory products and pieces exported to wherever they are needed, we visit before hand and tailer make your piece to your plants specific needs and design to ensure speed and quality from start to finish

Refractory Dry Out

Especially for aluminum foundries we can provide dry out service after installations to make sure all water is removed from casting before melting can commence. Our pre cast solutions already come pre- dried to 500 degrees Celsius

Confined Space Robotic Demolition

For spaces you can’t get normal machinery our robotic demolition team excels, being able to go through a normal household door with the breaking power up to 3T we can make ease of any hard material in difficult space, we also provide cutting, drilling and digging attachments where needed. Our method reduces time and effort but most of all it promotes a safer method to remove refractory and normal concrete conditions as the operator is always kept at a safe distance

Kiln Build up Removal, Troubleshooting Solutions , High Pressure Water Jetting

Kilns, furnaces and foundries are always faced with ever changing conditions, especially with alternative fuels and the quality of inward raw materials. In Kilns we see the formation of rings and built up conditions constricting production and sometimes blocking and stopping the process, a costly situation as nobody wants downtime. We have unique first hand experience in build up removal through, Kiln Shoots, HP Water Lancing and Cardox.
We also provide troubleshooting for refractory conditions that are not performing as they should and offer improvements in technology or in pre cast

Plant Maintenance & Servicing

Providing filter maintenance and heat exchanger cleaning to ensure all environmental limits are met we can clean, replace and spot bad filters and heat exchangers making sure a 6 monthly service and check is completed


We at M&M Refractories provide exporting services for all out products. From design, manufacture and shipping. We cover all bases to ensure smooth transition from order to delivery keeping high quality standards throughout.

Our exporting customer service team will visit to see first-hand your onsite requirements so that the best solution is provided.

Due to our efficient system and state of the art dry out facility we can meet deadlines and reduce lead times to have your product ready before shutdowns or stoppages.

Distance is no issue, the world is a small place, going that extra mile or kilometre is how we perform in our business to cater for your needs.

For further information or queries on your location don’t hesitate to contact us, via our enquiry form, we always have a member of our team on hand to help.

Dry Out Facility

The MM Group hosts a state of the art dry out kiln capable of 1000 degrees plus.

We can cater for all shapes and sizes for every industry.

With a 24-hour surveillance system in place we always ensure a quality dry out is achieved and protection of all pieces while being fired in the kiln.

We operate the best in house designed program to remove free water & combined water efficiently and safely. The drying out process is the most important step when manufacturing refractory products.

The facility we have in place allows us to alter the temperatures and monitor the timing of our kiln from anywhere at any time. This is how we guarantee that all of our products are made to the best quality possible.

Mining Services

We specialise in safe access needs and services for all industries. With 25 year’s experience troubleshooting and finding the best possible solutions in the most difficult conditions, we strive to deliver outstanding service to our customers while working alongside them to better their plants performance and production.

Our Services include-

  • Confined Space Robotic Demolition
  • Robotic Drilling
  • Robotic Descaling
  • Concrete Gunning Services
  • Over-head Retaining Arch Gunning
  • Suppliers of Recycled CRF
  • Mobile Equipment Operators
  • Production Cover
  • Backfill Miners
  • Pre-Cast Concrete Solutions
  • Ground Maintenance

At M&M we make safe access and egress our priority!

Confined Space Robotic Demolition, Reducing Risks, Removing Hazards and Saving Time Through Innovation.

Why Choose Us

Quality Standards

We will work with you to ensure you have the best possible plan in place to ensure repair or shutdowns are carried out with time and in mind. We will develop a schedule and critical path plan with you, monitor the materials and work flow, and executive regular testing guarantee the quality of our installations.

ISO 9001:2016 PENDING

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